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Airbnb has luxury hotels freaked out in the city where it has the most listings

Logo Business InsiderNowhere in the world has more accommodation available on Airbnb than Paris. Now the home-sharing website that has transformed budget travel to the French capital is giving its superdeluxe hotels a fright too.

“The Paris market is going to get very difficult,” said Didier le Calvez, managing director of the Bristol Hotel. Along with bosses of the city’s other “palaces,” he denounces Airbnb as a menace that enjoys an unfair advantage.

A trawl of the Paris region’s 50,000 Airbnb offerings — there were only 7,000 across the whole of France in 2012 — suggests le Calvez and his colleagues have reason to worry.

Airbnb offers between 380 and 400 Paris properties at over 500 euros a night. Of those, about 40 charge over 1,000 euros ($1,090).

Add in the attraction of individuality, anonymity, and, in some cases, extra beds, and that puts them potentially in competition with the 1,000 euro a night Bristol and half a dozen other high-end Paris hotels, which have about 1,500 rooms to offer in total.

The Paris luxury sector is already worried about a surge in competition from newly opening hotels. Consultants JLL Hotels & Hospitality reckon that capacity will be 60% greater in 2018 than a decade earlier.

A downturn in visits from wealthy Russians and Brazilians as the economies there falter, and fears among US visitors of rising antisemitism in France, are also a factor.

17th-century penthouse
The Bristol suffered a 20% drop in revenue in the first half of this year and an occupancy rate that fell to 61.2% from 69.2%. The Four Seasons George V saw a five percentage point drop in occupancy to 66% in the same period. The Plaza Athenee cut its prices by 20% last winter.

le bristol hotel parisWikimedia Commons

At the same time, maid and concierge services and other extras are all available along with some seriously swanky real estate on Airbnb, the US-based firm which has been valued at around $10 billion.

Host owners “Maxime and Fanny” present a flat they say was once the home of film star Brigitte Bardot, and whose “140 meter square terrace offers you a breathtaking 360 degree view of the capital city” — all for 1,200 pounds ($1,860) a night.

Another similarly priced flat has a view of the Eiffel Tower from its luxurious-looking bathroom.

American actress Judith Freiha gets rave reviews for her one-bedroom apartment on the Ile Saint Louis, an island in the Seine river near the heart of the city whose buildings date mostly from the 17th century.

At 900 euros a night her bijou 54-square-meter penthouse — with its two terraces facing south to a secluded courtyard and north onto the main street — attracts Silicon Valley professionals, supermodels, and wealthy courting couples. One romantically inclined client proposed to his girlfriend there.

Included in the price is a “meet and greet” service from Freiha herself, who has family in Paris with whom she can stay.

Hotel de Paris (Monte Carlo)Wikimedia Commons/TestusThe Monte Carlo hotel in Paris.

Not included is the 150 euro cleaning fee. “I do that myself. I get a team to clean, but then I go over in detail the things other people don’t do,” she told Reuters.

“I really try to make my schedule to get there before the peopl


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August 9, 2015 – Business Insider